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Individual inspection results released by prefectural governments and organizations (March,2011-March,2012)

Hokkaido・Tohoku district

Aomori Prefecture

Iwate Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture

Akita Prefecture

Yamagata Prefecture

Fukushima Prefecture

Kanto district

Ibaraki Prefecture

Tochigi Prefecture

Gunma Prefecture

Saitama Prefecture

Chiba Prefecture


Kanagawa Prefecture

(Include Yokohama City,Kawasaki City)

Chubu・Kinki district

Niigata Prefecture

Yamanashi Prefecture

Nagano Prefecture

Shizuoka Prefecture

Kyoto Prefecture

Hyogo Prefecture

Chugoku・Shikoku・Kyushu district

Hiroshima Prefecture

Tokushima Prefecture

Kochi Prefecture

Miyazaki Prefecture


National Federation of Medium Trawlers (April ,May June ,July ,August ,September ,2011 Includes all published)


Federation of North Pacific District Purse Seine Fisheries Co-operative Associations of Japan


National Offshore Tuna Fisheries Association of Japan (May ,2011-January,2012 Includes all published)

※  Because it is announced about the test result after January 30 from Chiba, look at (January-February,2012) about "the radiological test result of marine products of Chiba".


National Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations


Association for Community-Based Whaling


Japan Squid Fisheries Association (July ,August ,September ,2011 Includes all published)


Japan Tuna Fisheries Co-operative Association


National Saury Fishery Association


The Institute of Cetacean Research


National Sea Water Fish Breeding Association


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