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Results of the monitoring on radioactivity level in fisheries products

In accordance with the “Basic Policy for Inspections on Radioactive Materials in Fishery Products” and “Concepts of Inspection Planning and the Establishment and Cancellation of Items and Areas to which Restriction of Distribution and/or Consumption of Foods concerned Applies,” the Fisheries Agency, in cooperation with the relevant prefectural governments and organizations, has conducted sampling and inspections of fishery products at the major fishing ports in Fukushima and adjacent prefectures on a weekly basis to examine the possible contamination of fishery products by radioactive materials released from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant of Tokyo Electric Power Company.

 In Fukushima prefecture, the suspension of fishery has been imposed on all the coastal and bottom fisheries (except trial fisheries targeting 27 species*).

* 27 species of which radioactive cesium concentration has been remarkably decreased were caught on a trial basis at the limited offshore area of Fukushima (20 km away from the FDNPS) and sold after inspection of each landing for each species. 27 species are the following: giant Pacific octopus,chestnut octopus ,Japanese flying squid,spear squid,swordtip squid,Japanese dwarf squid,horsehair crab,snow crab,whelks(Buccinum isaotakii,Neptunea constricta,Neptunea intersculpta and Beringius polynematicus),thornhead,greeneyes,rikuzen flounder,hilgendorf's aucord,willowy flounder,monkfish,flathead flounder,roughscale sole,rosy seabass,blackfin flounder,crimson sea bream,Japanese jack mackerel,Pacific barrelfish, Japanese sandlance (juvenile) and whitebait.

1.Summary of Monitoring on fishery products(As of  May.31,2016)



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2.  List of the monitoring results 


【Excel file】  

 【PDF file】 

 Note:  This data sheet is a compliation of inspection released by prefectual government 


3.  Maps of the monitoring results for inland, coastal and offshore species

4.  Maps of the monitoring results for distant water species

5. Report on the Monitoring of Radionuclides in Fishery Products (Updated in April 2015)

6.  Reference

7.  Individual monitoring results released by prefectural governments and organizations (March,2011-March,2012)

8.   Individual monitoring results released by prefectural governments

Monitoring results conducted by prefectural governments are publicized on their websites.

If a prefecture has not provided its results in English, please use the files at Section 1 “List of the monitoring results” on this website (you can sort out a prefecture’s data from the Microsoft Excel file).




(Japanese only)



(Japanese only)


(Japanese only)




(Japanese only)


(Japanese only)


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※1  When a fish landed at ports in Chiba prefecture, monitoring results on the fish conducted by Fishermen’s Cooperatives are publicized by Chiba prefecture.
※2  Website of Kanagawa prefecture includes monitoring results conducted by municipalities in Kanagawa prefecture (such as Yokohama city). 

9.  Individual monitoring results released by  fisheries associations 

Monitoring results conducted by fisheries associations are publicized on their website.

If you need the results in English, please use the files at Section 1 “List of the inspection results” on this website (you  can sort out a fisheries association’s data from the Microsoft Excel file).

Japan Tuna Fisheries Co-operative Association(Japanese only)

Federation of North Pacific District Purse Seine Fisheries Co-operative Associations of Japan(Japanese only)

Association for Community-Based Whaling(Japanese only)

National Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations(Japanese only)

National Saury Fishery Association(Japanese only)

National Sea Water Fish Breeding Association(Japanese only)

National Surimi Manufacturers Assiciation(Japanese only)

National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, Fisheries Research Agency, Japan(Japanese only) 

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